Stud'Jewels, les joyaux Studebaker: Charte English version

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Stud'Jewels, les joyaux Studebaker: Charte English version

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English Version

Autodejavel is a forum for enthusiasts of Citroën cars. (Cars coming from ‘quai de Javel’ in Paris)
This forum is also facilitated by a non-sectarian and people who like all beautiful mechanics.

.. So I am like Josephine BAKER, I have two loves CITROEN and STUDE BAKER.

I agreed to take over the presidency of the Studebaker Amicale Franco-Belgian club dedicated to the brand, and administrators Autodejavel accepted the creation of a sub forum called 'STUD'JEWELS', the English and American have understood the nod (Jewels = like Javel in phonetic)

The Studebaker automobile brand was the oldest brand in the United States, as in France Panhard. She disappeared at the same time. Since the club dedicated to Studebaker became the most powerful U.S. oldtimers club, but the name Studebaker became absolutely unknown in France. The few dozen enthusiasts who restore these days are often quite alone, facing a technical English often poorly mastered and they don't know that very effective clubs in Switzerland, England or Holland could enable them to find the part they need or the skills or the specific tool that makes them lacking. This is a reason for this forum exist.

Stud'Jewels includes two types of items:

1) Those which are open to everybody

- The charter of the Forum (read only)
- A history of the brand with a quick overview of the main models for the uninitiated
- You and your Studebaker: introduce yourself, show us your beautiful cars and restoration work
- Reports on the outputs or there was (among other things) Studebaker cars

2) Those reserved for members of ‘Amicale Studebaker’association
- The periodic newsletter of the Association
- Technical issues concerning the restoration and maintenance (a goldmine for those who have had access to it...)
- The specific essential tools, available in free loan except a deposit payment and transport.
- The old documentation translated into French
- The ads (translated into English and French) distributed to fans Studebaker, in Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and England, and coming from these countries.
- The trips organized by clubs Studebaker in France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and England

Now you know everything. Feel free to visit Stud'Jewels and put your two cents ... The soup will be even better!: :!: ;)
Contact me by private message if necessary, I count on you to help me revive this beautiful brand forgotten (and its derivatives such as Avanti Series 2 Excalibur and Co. ...)
Here you can speak French (it's better), but also in English if you prefer. I will be able to translate if you do not write an encyclopedia in 12 volumes

Gege Demaring
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